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duke energy discount code

pursuant to Sections and is apportioned in accordance with Section, or one of the special apportionment formulas provided in Sections through. (I) The amount of a credit allowed under this section must be reduced by the amount of any past-due debt owed this State by the taxpayer. (A) The terms "sales" as used in Section and "gross receipts" as used in Section include, but are not limited to, the following items if they have not been separately allocated: (1) receipts from the sale or rental of property maintained for sale or rental. (c) A "company business unit" is an organizational unit of a corporation or bank and is defined by the particular product or category of products it sells. 116, Section.A, eff June 28, 2007, applicable to tax years beginning after December 31, 2005. Editor's Note 2006 Act. 145, Section 11, eff June 7, 2005; 2006 Act. A copy of the accountant's report must be submitted to dhec with the tax credit application. (A) For taxable years beginning after 1994, a tax is imposed on the South Carolina taxable income of individuals, estates, and trusts and any other entity except those taxed or exempted from taxation under Sections through computed at the following rates with the income brackets. The amount of the credit allowable under this item is equal to twenty-five percent of the deduction that would otherwise be allowable under Section 170(h) but for the silvacultural and forestry activities performed on the real property interest, subject to the same conditions and limitations.

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duke energy discount code

(2) Notwithstanding the provisions of Internal Revenue Code Section 170(h) and applicable regulations pertaining to forestry and silvaculture practices, a taxpayer is not disqualified for the tax credit allowed in this section because of silvacultural and forestry practices permitted by or undertaken pursuant. (3) "Qualified recycling facility" means a facility certified as a qualified recycling facility by a duly authorized representative of the department which includes all real and personal property incorporated into or associated with the facility located or to be located within this State that will. In addition, a taxpayer is allowed to include in the amount of the payment for calculation of the credit any administrative cost associated with payment to licensed or registered independent child care facilities not to exceed two percent.

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(12) "Intangible property" means all property other than tangible property. A taxpayer shall use the most recent per capita income data available as of the end bait coupon of the taxable year in which the jobs are filled. The three-year assessment period for purposes of the article begins when a return is filed under Section. Youll also gain nabcep credits and maximize your return on investment in one of the fastest growing solar markets. (3) Any unused credit may be carried forward for ten years. The county designations are effective for taxable years that begin in the following calendar year. The provisions of this subsection shall apply whether or not an Internal Revenue Service Form 1099 is issued in conjunction with the wages or remuneration. (5) "Appropriate agency" is the Department of Revenue for taxpayers subject to tax under Chapter 6 or Chapter 11 of this title and the Department of Insurance for corporations subject to the premium tax under Chapter 7 of Title.