Easyclosets coupon costco

easyclosets coupon costco

to get dressed when you have less clothes. (It really is the little things ). We live in a three bedroom townhouse, and while we love it, we also have to be very intentional about how we use our space. My sweaters were up so high that I had to grab a step stool to reach them. Theres only one, Donnie and I share it, and it isnt the largest thing ever. One of the other broken systems I wanted to make sure I corrected was my scarf storage. After looking over our stuff, I knew there had to be space for pants, shirts, and shoes. My dresses, longer sweaters and scarves hang in the back, longer section on my side of the closet, and there are shorter areas for my shirts and pants as well. We knew we wanted a top shelf, so we started with that.

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easyclosets coupon costco

The biggest problem with our old closet arrangement was that there was so much wasted space. Then, keeping our needs in mind, we did some maneuvering and rearranging and rethinking and eventually settled on our final arrangement. . It was a tall order for such a small space, but I knew we could make it work so I went off in search of the perfect pieces to make it happen. (Hey, I gave him 1/4 of the shoe rack for his shoes. Algot system at ikea, we decided to rethink our original plan. He still had plenty of room for his pants, shirts, suits, and ties, and even had room left over to store some games and a small piece of luggage. This space had a lot of broken systems. Like I do many times when Im trying to organize a space, I popped over to Pinterest to see some of the things that others had done.

That was nice of me, right? Honestly, when we started down this closet organizing road, I thought we would probably hack up an existing bookshelf or build something ourselves, but when we discovered the. but I may get a little basket or bin to hold them eventually.

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