Best damn race orlando discount code

best damn race orlando discount code

Around mile 3, the crew I started with broke into groups. And they gave me adorable turtle medals each time I crossed the finish line.

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The Clif Kids Spooky Sprints for kids 12 and under is at 2:30. Mississippi where running dreams come true (actually, the day this picture was taken it was really pretty!) Also thats Brian with us who happened to score a killer PR at BDR Orlando! There is a hole in your world on each of those days and every other day of the year. I think one of them will always be a for fun run, but I should really never say never. At mile.5 we saw the photographer, so we decided to run for like 30 seconds And then again at the finish. But, due to travel and schedule changes I'll be running both half marathons in December. Ok, and the after party is sweet, judging from the cider, Best Damn Root Beer, and Mich Ultra (umm is that really beer) that I drank. You'll get it at packet pickup! This course is pretty flat, and December is a good time to run. I did manage to muster up a minor Tom Cruise sprint at the end.