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place that. Might have to take the family for a field trip to the Seafood City one day. I love to buy them because I decorated my Christmas tree with many as a child and still have a few today from that time (long) ago. So my first check out was only the few toy items found. Is like having a trusted dog-loving neighbor or friend at your beck and call!

Toboggan from 2006: Barbie: Madame Alexander).  I also love them for their quality, their history, their collectibility and the way they hold and grow in value.

 Only to initially find that they no longer had restrooms available which was a problem after my small journey and intended intent bargain hunt.  I even popped into the actual supermarket area to find more products that have never made it over to my neck of the woods.  Like a combination of a Hawaiian and Mexican mall with all Asian products. Total of 44 spent.  As you can see, I hit it big in the jeans rack.  Meanwhile, I tried to do a bit of shopping but ended up checking out and going to the Seafood City across the street. Makes dog ownership easier by connecting dog owners with dog lovers in their community they can hire on-demand for dog walking, dog sitting, or dog boarding services 7-days a week.

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There was a bakery, a Grill City, and things Id never seen before. I asked my regular cashier and she said that they might be available next week as they were moving them to the back of the store. It always surprises me when I come across one and bring it home to find it was worth more than I would have thought. This has happened a few times when Ive bought an ornament for a dollar or two and list and sell it for 30-40 or more. Three pairs of Citizens for Humanity, two pairs of Rock Republic, two pairs of CAbi, one pair of Gap Sexy Boot and even a 7 For All Mankind Denim Short. In other clothing I picked up the Jack Wills sweater, the Real Madrid Adidas Jacket, the very pretty ruffle infinity scarf and lastly a beautiful piece of upholstery fabric (for 45). I thought Id give us all a run-down for which series and/or ornaments to be on the lookout: The Frosty Friends Collector Series (You want from the early 1980s The first in the series from 1980 has sold for as much as 450 Christmas Vacation. Potential gain of 520. The Vermont Teddy Bear from 1994, the Cabbage Patch Koosa from 1993, The vintage Walt Disney Productions Donald Duck Puppet that squeaks, the Disney Bullseye Horse and what I think is a Holly Hobbie doll, all for.

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