Scoop away cat litter coupons

scoop away cat litter coupons

no added dyes or fragrances, Free Clean is Tidys very first unscented litter. Thanks to those pores, there's more space in the scent-free charcoal to trap odor molecules. In fact, most experienced cat owners agree that bigger litter boxes are better not only do they accommodate larger cats, but they hold more litter so you can go an extra day between cleanings. Tips for Getting Your Cat to Use the Litter Box. When your cat uses the litter box, it sets off the motion sensor so that, once your cat leaves, the rake will automatically deploy and push any clumps into the waste storage compartment. But when the litter pan becomes too dirty, you can just throw it away and grab a new one. In fact, just 1 pound of activated charcoal has the stink-sucking surface area of 75 football fields. This litter box is uniquely shaped with one rounded side and a plastic grill inside. On a more practical level, the main benefit of an enclosed litter box is that it prevents spillage and it helps to contain odors. View All Unscented Products, tidy CatsHome. Tidy Cats Offers, click chart to view offers.

Andthanks to the power of activated charcoal, combined with Tidys tight, scoopable clumpsthere is no compromise when it comes to keeping your home smelling, well, just like home. Then, just pull out the tray and dispose of the clumps! Self-cleaning litter boxes come in a variety of styles from manual options to electronic options. Put simply: Its everything you want, nothing you dont. Charcoal enlarged for dramatic effect, get the Scoop. Best Disposable Trays Why To Buy If you like the simple design of the classic litter pan but you want to avoid having to scoop litter, a disposable litter pan might be the way. For raking models, youll need a high-quality clumping litter so the waste forms clumps that can be raked away.

Because it is enclosed, it controls odors and dust, plus it gives your cat a little bit more privacy than a traditional litter pan. Litter, there are just many different types of litter as there are types of litter boxes and, to some degree, choosing the right one is really just a matter of preference. This disposable litter pan is jumbo-sized and extra deep, a great feature for larger cats, which also makes it an excellent choice as a travel solution for cat owners. Quick Look : Top 5 Litter Boxes By Type. Not only is this disposable litter tray made from earth-friendly materials, but it is made with baking soda for extra protection against odor. Simply fill the litter box with a high-quality clumping litter then plug it in to a wall outlet (you can also use 8 AA batteries if you prefer). Now that you have a better understanding of the kinds of litter boxes available, you can make a smart choice about which type works best for you and for your cat. Style, litter boxes come in a wide variety of different styles including traditional litter pans, extra-deep pans, covered boxes, and more.

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