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have and theres nothing you can do to stop us, Tyler Smith says. ( source so, not only would someone with supplies need to worry about everyday commonplace looters, they would need to be concerned about Smith and his band of merry marauders, whose survival plan seems to hinge on overwhelming force against those who have spent years. We are your worst nightmare, and we are coming, is the warning Smith has given to those who think theyll be living the simple life in a post-collapse world. If you think your morals will survive the end times good luck and watch the whole episode and turn off selective hearing. And were ready for you,. Doomsday Preppers, is one such prepper who is taking a controversial approach to end-of-the-world preparedness.

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You can follow Daisy. Today Riley and Matthew cover a bunch of news stories including some about out of control banking companies and schools and state governments. And just so yall know your feeding into another show I have airing and your filling my pockets so for my house payments sake and new truck payment keep talking! Shoot us a message here at the Concealed Carry Podcast by emailing us at: email protected, sponsor Messages, also, if you would like to support the National Train a Teacher Day, go to m to find out how! News Stories, justified saves, thanks for Listening! If you thought anyone in there right mind would say that for free and not be expecting a reward you all are foolsas for my personal skills I know I can get better i know physical training is a top issue thats all time consuming. Or the people that are commenting way beyond things I said talking about killing my family and raping my wife and or killing me preemptively I said I would do whatever is necessary to survive and if that means kicking in doors then yes that. He is not representative of what. By, riley Bowman on in, justified Shooters, Law, National, News, Podcast, Politics, topic: Banks, State Governments and Ammo Companies. We are those people, he says.